Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Glimpses: (Chris)

Every now and then, I am allowed to just sit back and observe my life. It’s kind of like time stands still for a brief moment. I think about how much I’ve been blessed. The laughter of my children, the sight of their smiles, the touch of my wife’s hand as she caresses my neck. She may wonder why I’m crying and smiling at the same time. I can feel the physiological changes in my body. I welcome the energy as it enters my spine and seems to go into my brain. I have positive thoughts and I relish in them. I long for them to remain. Like an old friend, they bring back happy memories. There is no need to judge my thoughts, my past or my future. Anxiety has no place in this moment. Then I realize that this is what it’s like to be present. No fear or anxiety. No guilt or pain. Just contentment and peace. I know it’s only here for a short moment but I am still so grateful for it. I thank the Lord that once again in my need he has provided me with a glimpse. Yes, He has given me one of His “tender mercies.”

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